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Libertarian Murray Sabrin has released a statement showing that, according to a commissioned Gravis poll, the New Jersey Senate race is a three-way race. New Jersey is a perfect storm for the Libertarians because Democrat Bob Menendez has issues with his base and Republican Bob Hugin has offended many Trump supporters in his party. The poll results show Sabrin takings votes away from both candidates. While a Libertarian win is still a long-shot, Sabrin has a clearer path to victory than any Libertarian in recent memory.

Below is the press release from the campaign:


A new scientific poll conducted by Gravis Marketing, a non-partisan research firm, shows that 16% of voters in New Jersey who know of Murray Sabrin will vote for him. The results of the poll showed that once voters were informed of Sabrin’s positions, he quickly rose to be within striking distance of Menendez and Hugin.

The poll asked voters about the current candidates for Senate in New Jersey and included questions about specific issues as well as run-offs between the candidates.

The poll shows that once voters learn of Sabrin’s positions they quickly abandon Menendez. It indicates that after learning about Sabrin, just 31% of voters support Menendez, 30% support Hugin, and a shocking 16% support Libertarian Murray Sabrin. Especially noteworthy is that Sabrin leads in the 18-29 age group with 32% support. When voters know that Sabrin is a college professor, support rises to 18% overall and 40% among young Millennials. Sabrin has no gender gap and his strongest support comes from Asians (21%) and Hispanics (16%). The poll indicates awareness of Sabrin is only 26%, showing great room for growth in his support as more New Jerseyans get to know him.

“The poll results reveal that our goal of putting together the winning coalition of Libertarians, fiscal conservatives, pro free enterprise, pro peace, civil libertarians, pro Second Amendment, and pro life New Jersyeans is well underway,” said Sabrin.  “As our campaign becomes better known in the weeks ahead up until Election Day, New Jersey will elect a U.S. Senator will work tirelessly for the principles that built America as a beacon of hope for immigrants like me who swore to defend the Constitution, and voluntarism as the best way to provide social services in our communities.”

Sabrin said he will use this encouragement to continue on the campaign trail and boost outreach and advertising, so that the results will inspire people to vote differently this year and create real change in New Jersey.

Dr. Murray Sabrin has been a finance professor at Ramapo College since 1985, and has been an author, writer, speaker on national and state issues for more than four decades.  He has appeared on local and national radio and television radio talk shows and podcasts. Sabrin was the 1997 Libertarian Party gubernatorial candidate and made political history when he raised sufficient funds to be eligible for the state’s matching fund program, which required him to appear in the three debates with the two major party candidates.

Patrick McKnight
Sabrin for Senate

Campaign Manager