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Raiders at Redskins 9/24/17

According to, “There are three weeks left until the National Football League starts its regular season, and no resolution is in sight to the ongoing dispute over how players should conduct themselves during the playing of the national anthem.” Negotiations are ongoing, but it doesn’t look like Roger Goodall, the current NFL commissioner, has the stomach to staunch the protests which continue to cause a public relations problem.

It’s too early to see what impact the ongoing “protests” will have on ratings, but the NFL is on the verge of becoming a sports-themed propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. This might make the liberals players and Democrats happy, but the question is, does playing only to the less than 30% of the population who support the radical leftwing agenda behind these protests help their bottom line? In losing fans who may be conservative who just don’t want political agendas served with their sports, regardless of their own politics, will the NFL pick up more new fans as replacements?

Comment below, what do you think of these protests and has it made you more likely or less likely to watch the NFL this season?

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