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Cops and donuts.  Funny punch line, or “wedge issue?”  The mayor of York, Pennsylvania thinks it’s the latter.  The York Police Department  made a lip-sync video that was supposed to be played at a York Revolution baseball game on Saturday as a fund raiser for the department’s motorcycle unit.  The mayor pulled the video because he doesn’t want the police associated with Maple Donuts, one of the sponsors of the piece.

So what makes Maple Donuts such a controversial sponsor?  Here’s a quote from Charles F. Burnside, hatemonger and president of Maple Donuts: “I am pro-Trump. I support the president of the United States. And I support Scott Wagner running for governor of Pennsylvania,” Charles F. Burnside, the president of Maple Donuts, said. “And if I can’t express that, then there’s something wrong with this country.”

Do you know what’s wrong with this country?  Dimwits like Helfrich who feel that anyone who doesn’t believe as he does promulgate “wedge issues.”

What makes me scared?  Plantation overseers like Mayor Jim Kenney of Philadelphia who did his happy dance when Philly became a sanctuary city for Democrat voters the world over.

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