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I’m tired of hearing about Colin Kaeper-nud-nik!  Just do it – make it stop please!  If you disrespect the country that has afforded you the right to spit on all of us who love our country – do it elsewhere!

The world is filled with injustices, one doesn’t have to look hard to find them.  Never mind the injustice of a global conglomerate using virtual slave labor to manufacture it’s overpriced products.

Interesting.  Tim Tebow was mocked for taking a knee to pray after a successful pass.  Kaeper-nud-nik gets lauded for his continued ungratefulness.

Please, become a Democrat Party operative already.  Become a community organizer.  You have a right to protest and decry injustices, as no nation is perfect.  What makes America great is that we can openly discuss our shortcomings.  Just do it elsewhere and leave patriotic football fans alone.

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