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The pot and the kettle.  The speck and the log.  Amorality?  The New York Times and other Democrat Party “journalism” outlets proudly crow about this anonymous op-ed about the President Donald J. Trump’s so-called amorality and yet need we re-hash the lengthy misdeeds of those whom they champion?  Character doesn’t matter, remember?

The media is using anonymous sources to present the fiction they’re reporting as facts.  It is the media who has no clothes, and not the emperor.

The layers have been peeled from an onion that has been festering for a long time.  We are no longer fooled by your so-called objectivity.  The daily shenannigans of the Left will only increase the size of what I believe is going to be a Red Wave in less than 2 months (our color ought to be blue as in true blue.  Red is the color of the Statist Left).  Watching the Kavanaugh hearings,  with the shrill protestations of both sitting U.S. Senators and paid ne’er do wells has cemented my belief.

My advice to journalists and Democrats?  Keep it up.  Keep nominating Far-Left candidates for office.  The more, the better!

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